The Process

Expert Inspection

All dies are thoroughly examined for damage, cracks, or other conditions that may require additional work, limit the repairs or add lead time to the job.

Detailed Proposal

A complete report which will include details of all needed repairs and parts as well as their costs, labor, and materials needed to complete the job along with the lead time required. Each party will agree to the schedule and report prior to beginning work.

Drawings and Plans

Drawings, designs, and/or prints are developed to make any needed replacement parts as the die is disassembled, cleaned and prepped for rebuilding.

Work Complete

Ellis Finworks & Machine will carefully complete the professional rebuild to factory specifications unless otherwise agreed upon by you, and verify the die performs prior to returning it by the agreed upon lead time to you.

See us in action!

We offer a wide variety of services including complete die repair and rebuilds with ability to sharpen or recreate any worn or damaged parts. We also rebuild presses, benders, expanders, spin closers, end formers and nearly every type of machine used in tube processing and aluminum and sheet metal stamping and fabrication. Call us with your parts or service needs and let us help your business!
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